The Human Facebook Project

July 8, 2010

I was interviewed for The Human Facebook Project, which is the kind of web thing you just know is going to lead to a book deal, and you say “I should’ve thought of that.” Actually, I did, but didn’t act on it, which is typical of my coulda-woulda life.

The Human Facebook Project is Steve’s blog about Facebook. He contacts his online friends and fires off some questions, and the results are always interesting, except for that one time. Anyway, Steve and I worked together briefly about five years ago, then reconnected on Facebook. That’s pretty much where we hang out. He’s a neat guy, a business reporter by day and rock guitar god by night, with a cool wife and a beautiful little girl. I always enjoy interacting with him, even if most of the time it’s imaginary.

I urge you to explore The Human Facebook Project. It’s a brilliant deconstruction of online relationships, of how we forge new links, or rebuild old ones, without physical contact. It’s also well written, funny and fascinating. Steve knows cool people.

Explore the Human Facebook here.

Here’s a picture of Steve talking to Mrs. Weathereye at the news awards in Kingston three years ago. I know what that look on her face means.

One comment

  1. What does that look on my face mean?

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