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Stupid Racist Graffiti

July 7, 2010

Just so we’re clear: racists are morons. They’re really, really stupid, as this photo demonstrates. Unless this is actually something to do with restaurant staff wanting better tips … no, that’s a backward swastika there, so it’s clear this is fledgling racist stupidity.

I can make this assumption because I have been on this planet long enough to know racists are stupid. They’re almost as dumb as the devil-worshipping idiot in my home town who spray-painted “WORSHIP SATIN” on the side of the school.

Another time, a guy in my math class told me he would spray-paint an insult about me on the rock outside the classroom. I dared him to, and he did, and he ran out of paint. In 2008, I went and checked and sure enough, nearly 30 years later, it still said “KEN IS A FA” on that rock. Faded, but still funny.

The guy who did it ended up in the Hells Angels. I am not making that up; the last time I saw him, he had just had chain links tattooed around his neck.

We’re not really in touch anymore.