The Ten Greatest Living Canadians

July 1, 2010

Today, in honour of my country’s birthday, I would like to tell you about the people I consider to be the 10 greatest living Canadians.

  • 10. Shatner. And you know why.
  • 9. Pamela Anderson. She’s funnier than you think, and smarter than you think, too. I have always kind of liked her, and find her far more interesting the older she gets.
  • 8. Alex Trebek. We went to the same high school in different decades. When I was a kid, he hosted Stars on Ice, a weird Canadian show about famous people doing skits on figure skates. I keep emailing him, asking him to grow the moustache back, but he obviously isn’t getting my messages.
  • 7. Alan Thicke. He wrote the theme to Diff’rent Strokes, and he had a talk show, and he’s still so good-looking it’s scary.
  • 6. James Cameron. He’s a small-town Canadian kid who became king of the world, then waited a decade or so and did it again.
  • 5. Wayne Gretzky. Sure, soccer’s all the rage these days, but let’s not forget the skinny kid with the big nose who radically changed hockey in the 80s and then married a super-hot actress. I once saw Keith Gretzky at a shopping mall and he had girls following him around.
  • 4. Leonard Cohen. Many people think he should be number 1 on this list, but when you see number 1, you will understand.
  • 3. Arthur Black. The king of Canadian talk radio has retired from the CBC, but his books and shows are still out there. Personal bias alert: Arthur is a longtime friend of the family, and most of what I say and do in broadcast form comes from him.
  • 2. My mom.
  • 1. Me. Because I got you to read all this stuff about Canada, and you’re probably a foreigner.


  1. Arthur Black’s still ALIVE?!?

  2. I will give you #1, 2 and 10, however I do not see the names Neil, Geddy or Alex on your list.

    I hereby declare shenanigans.

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