In Today’s News: Weathereye

June 23, 2010

Remember Turds of Misery? They made the TV news in Chicago … and so did I. Watch it here.

Meanwhile, someone has set up www.turdsofmisery.com, which charts the whole stinky mess.

Anyway, I should probably mention the weather, because a lot of people come here thinking this is an actual weather station. We had an earthquake this morning in Ontario. It was a 5.5, and lasted about 10 seconds. I missed it, because I was driving my crappy minivan on a crappy street, so I didn’t notice.

Later, the local conservation authority issued a rainfall and flood warning, with 40 mm of rain expected tonight. As I write this, lightning is dancing and thunder is grumbling.

To cap it off: a tornado warning was just issued for my city. This is a triple-whammy of heavy weather, a wild night indeed. In fact, the electricity could go out at any time, which woul



  1. That’s freaking awesome. But…technically, your site is called Weather Station 1. Not “Weathereye.” That’s just sloppy journalism, dammit! Show ’em how it’s done, Big Dog.

  2. Just Iowa? No “Davenport, Iowa”? What really struck me is that he said “turds of misery” is a good name for WGN management! I hope he’s sucking up to, or sucking off, the boss big time, cuz these days, schytt like that don’t fly in the “Big Brother is watching your Facebook posts” world.

    You are a living legend, Big Dog!

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