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In Today’s News: Weathereye

June 23, 2010

Remember Turds of Misery? They made the TV news in Chicago … and so did I. Watch it here.

Meanwhile, someone has set up, which charts the whole stinky mess.

Anyway, I should probably mention the weather, because a lot of people come here thinking this is an actual weather station. We had an earthquake this morning in Ontario. It was a 5.5, and lasted about 10 seconds. I missed it, because I was driving my crappy minivan on a crappy street, so I didn’t notice.

Later, the local conservation authority issued a rainfall and flood warning, with 40 mm of rain expected tonight. As I write this, lightning is dancing and thunder is grumbling.

To cap it off: a tornado warning was just issued for my city. This is a triple-whammy of heavy weather, a wild night indeed. In fact, the electricity could go out at any time, which woul