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Turds of Misery Revealed

June 19, 2010

So, that nonsense I typed up the other day about this weird picture of a faded 70s rock band called Turds of Misery kind of took off over the weekend. Internet writer John Biggs was the first to spot it, but the fuss all started because a writer named Ian S. Port at believed my bullshit and ran it as a news item. This, for a while, lived on the front page of and has popped up all over the web.

Ian probably should have realized that there
really couldn’t be anyone named “Bagpipes McDonald.”

Anyway, I received this neato comment today:

  • To set the record straight…. These boys aren’t Canadians. They’re from the Davenport, Iowa area. That’s my dad in the middle with the beer. His name is Dave, not Gord. Wade is on the right, and Wade’s brother on the left. They did an excellent cover of “Wild Thing”.

This came from Laurie C., an interesting character in her own right. A little sleuthing turned up a current photo of her father:

Meet Dave. This guy still looks great — I like the fact that he stuck with the handlebar moustache and still rocks it today.

So, to Dave and Laurie and the Turds of Misery, thanks for helping me entertain thousands of new friends around the world. And please remember the slogan here at the Weather Station: “Now featuring 76 percent true stuff.”

You know, people would pay good money for Turds of Misery T-shirts. Just sayin.