Worst Music Video Ever Of The Week: Spokes On The Wheel Of Torment

June 6, 2010
  1. Put a KFC bucket on your head, and wear a mask.
  2. Call yourself “Buckethead,” because, yeah, you saw No. 1.
  3. Create a “song” consisting of farting guitar riffs and doodly overdubs recorded into Audacity on a Toshiba laptop purchased on Craigslist.
  4. Name the “song” Spokes On The Wheel Of Torment, because it will sound cool to that alienated Indiana teenager who will actually pay money for this. Yeah, he was the one.
  5. Hire someone to craft a music video out of this “song” and painter Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Good and Evil.

I like Bosch’s paintings. I like guitars. I like clever editing and animation, which is what this video is all about. I’m just not a fan of bad taste, or bad guitars, or music videos about cleavers cutting people up.

  • Update: Yes, I know who Buckethead is, I know he was in Guns n Roses, I know he’s considered some kind of metal guitar virtuoso … so was Yngwie Malmsteen. And me, that night by the campfire in 1988 when everyone was chugging Molson Golden and I put the empty box on my head.

One comment

  1. I rather liked it. Though I’ve never enjoyed his music.

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