Who Is This?

June 4, 2010

Who Is This?

  • a) Your librarian’s girlfriend
  • b) Darlene from Roseanne, all grown up
  • c) Lisa Simpson, also all grown up and somehow now a real person
  • d) Sinead O’Connor
  • e) The blue-eyed blonde dental hygienist you’ve been chatting with on LavaLife
  • f) Tanya, The long-rumoured love child of John Ritter and Joyce DeWitt
  • g) Mrs. Gratzl, the new science teacher at the public school

Leave your guesses in the comments section so I can tell you how wrong you are.



  1. I saw the pic today on the Daily Mail website.

    I shan’t spoil for others =P

  2. Gotta be d surely!

  3. I know the right answer, but F made me laugh the most. Nothing compares to her, I suppose.

  4. How odd? I thought it really was F.
    As for the right answer, it strikes me as delightfully ironic that she looks a bit like a retired nun now …

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