Nobody Believes Me

May 25, 2010

A few weeks ago, I was talking to my daughter’s doctor and mentioned that she could speak at nine months and was fully conversational at two years old.

“I find that hard to believe,” the doctor said.

I shrugged. As Ripley said, believe it or don’t. My little girl was an alert and brilliant conversationalist by the age of two. And she isn’t alone.

I have been bragging about my daughter’s early conversational skills for years. People who knew us then will remember, newcomers don’t. Later, she taught herself to read in about a day.

Some children get language early. I didn’t; I waited until I was about four, then created my own language. Later, around high school, I finally figured out how to tell you all about me. As you can see, I am still at it.



  1. My son was exactly the same way (but not so much my two daughters). We have video of his second birthday and he is speaking in full sentences. The follow on from that has been stellar English and French marks in school, including an award from grade 8 graduation.

    For years we had a recording on our voicemail of my son (at two years old) very clearly saying, “Hello, this is Will. Thanks for calling my house. Leave a message after the beep, please. Bye, bye!” Sure, it was cute but it was mostly about us bragging. 😉

    So, I completely believe you about your daughter. Every child will have different abilities they develop faster. I was actually very slow in developing my beer belly but am quite proud of how well it’s going now.

    • I can relate.

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