Worst Music Video Ever Of The Week … No, Wait, It’s The Best, and It’s Bucho

May 21, 2010

This is NSFW, or maybe it is, if you work at National Lampoon or in Florida.

Here’s Bucho from New Zealand, who apparently creates witty, smart pop in between stints fighting sharks and/or BASE jumping over Argentina.

The international man of action should be globally famous for something like this. And in the age of Net video and viral spread, that could happen.  It should happen. Bucho is muy bueno.

“Titties,” meanwhile, is a funny word.

One of the best things about existing in the blogosphere is the talented, interesting people I never get to actually meet.


One comment

  1. That’s the first time in the history of the universe anybody used “witty”, “smart” and “Bucho” in the same sentence. It’s probably the last too, so I’m gonna bask in it with all my might.

    Muchas gracias and muito obrigado and Rock On my fellow international sex symbol.

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