Subway Has Seattle’s Best Coffee with extra WTF

May 7, 2010

We eat a lot of Subway products. Because of our work schedule, and because there are, and I am not making this up, four Subway locations within walking distance of our office, Mrs. Weathereye and I have become Subwayophiles of the highest order. We work in the same place, in the heart of fast-food availability, and one of us has been known to be easily tempted by places that sell fries, so we seek out a healthier option. It wasn’t always this way, but sometimes I sacrifice personal convictions for convenience. Like when I pay six bucks for a coffee because it’s easier. P.S. I have never paid six bucks for a coffee, and if you have, you should go read Perez Hilton.

This week, though, two things happened that made me rethink our Subway devotion.

First: I usually try to order the healthiest thing on the menu, but I saw a sign saying the meatball sub is now only $5. I used to eat Subway meatball subs all the time, and nobody was looking, so I ordered one. When I got back to the office, I opened my $5 meatball sub to discover … the most half-assed attempt at a meatball sandwich in recorded history. So now I know: the price has dropped, and so has the content. Note to Subway: meatball  subs need more than four meatballs.

Second: Our local Subways are touting their Seattle’s Best Coffee. Mrs. Weathereye is a big fan of Seattle’s Best, so when she went for a sub for lunch, she asked for a coffee. Being that there’s a big sign beside her saying “Now offering Seattle’s Best Coffee,” you would think this would be a simple proposition. But no. Here’s the conversation:

  • Subway boy: “We’re out of coffee.”
  • Mrs. W: “You’re out?”
  • Subway boy: “Someone makes a pot in the morning, and when it runs out that’s all we have.”
  • Mrs. W: “Can you make a fresh pot?”
  • Subway boy: “No.”
  • Mrs. W: Why do you have a sign saying you have Seattle’s Best Coffee if you don’t have Seattle’s Best Coffee?”
  • Subway boy: “Someone makes a pot in the morning, and when it runs out that’s all we have.”

Luckily, there’s a Mr. Sub around the corner. They don’t offer Seattle’s Best, but at least they don’t pretend to.


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