Lost: The Final Countdown

May 4, 2010

We just watched tonight’s powerful, powerful episode of Lost. As the show nears its May 23 conclusion, it’s ramping up the action, juicing up the mystery and shattering our hearts, all at once.

There are two more episodes to go, and then the finale.

I think I have talked about my relationship with this show before, on podcasts and here. But I’ll say it again. I discovered Lost as I was dealing with the shell-shocked numbness that followed the September 2004 death of my teenaged son. Those are fuzzy times for me, but I remember seeing episode 4 of Lost, White Rabbit, and finding within it something I needed to make it through those days in hell.

Lost is not about people being lost. It’s about what they’ve lost, and how they’ve lost it — and how they get it back. This is wrapped in a complex mythology, in a tale that plays with reality and with your expectations. It sometimes loses your trust along the way, but always earns it back.

Over the six seasons of the show, I have lost everything, and I have slowly gained it back, better, almost. There will always be one empty place at my dining table. But when Lost ends in a few weeks, I won’t feel its loss. I’ll just remember its message: that the only way to go from the bottom is back up again.


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