May 3, 2010

Have you heard about this? Now cows are using Twitter. Yeah, it makes for a fun headline, but in reality, it’s some kind of project that combines two fields that embrace expensive, stupid bullshittery: research science and experimental art.

In other words, my childhood.

This got me thinking: what if other farm animals had access to the Internet? You might get Facebook exchanges like this:

Pig Nugent I’m hung over and I could really go for a bacon double cheeseburger right now!!!

  • Jersey Milkins and 4 others likes this
  • Farmer Silas ROFL LMAO
  • Oinkin Hamm You’re an asshole, Pig.
  • Jersey Milkins Wait, what?

Actually, they’d probably just play stupid Farmville all night, come to think of it.


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