This Isn’t The Blog You’re Looking For

April 30, 2010

Here are today’s top 10 Google search terms that led here to the Weather Station:

  1. Cowboy. Really? How high up on Google am I if you can find me by typing in “Cowboy?”
  2. Alexander Kirilov. Well, okay. I guess there aren’t many sites mentioning him.
  3. Weather Eye Weather Station. Someone was looking for me, I guess. Or else they wanted a free iPhone app. This happens to me a lot.
  4. Spider. Again, really? When I see things like this I wonder how many other “spider” websites this person cruised through before landing on mine.
  5. Manly Knife. I don’t usually tell people this, but that’s my real name.
  6. Welcome to the Western Lodge Review. Am I the only person who ever reviewed this Masters of Reality album? It seems like it. I get a lot of these.
  7. Sylvia Allen Arizona. Boo.
  8. Racist Skinhead Tattoos. When I see this sort of thing, I hope it’s someone looking for news coverage, not some Nazi looking for ideas. If you are a Nazi, go away now. You won’t like it here. Try Arizona instead.
  9. Stargate 2. This would take people to a hoax article on this site that I wrote to promote the We’re Lying To You event on Starbase 66. We turned out to be extremely good liars, because nobody got them all. Ha on you.


  1. How do you find out this information? Is it part of WordPress or is it a third party website?

    • It’s in the WordPress stats package. Tracking metrics is something WP does really, really well.

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