Worst Music Video Ever Of The Week: Turn Up The Radio

April 28, 2010

Here’s the top-secret formula for 80s hard rock music videos: Big bad hair + vague computer references + (eyeliner x blondes) + Def Leppard.

This was Autograph’s only hit, but it has had lasting power; apparently it’s being used in a video game or something. It’s really catchy, but I just read an article about the band and learned this song was an afterthought, and the group wasn’t sure if it should be included on their 1984 album Sign In Please. Whenever I hear a band say their biggest, best song was an accident, I say “Well, that explains it.”

  • Note: the album title is actually acted out in the first moment of the video. Literalism is a dying art in music video.

One comment

  1. It’s used in the opening credits of Hot Tub Time Machine. The movie goes downhill from there.

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