A Quick Quiz

April 20, 2010

Here are five quick questions for you:

  • 1. Which Joss Whedon series was cancelled before its time?*
  • 2. Who’s a cooler TV newsman: Cameraman Marc Singer or schmoozebunny Scott Wolf?
  • 3. Which new series stars someone who used to be on Lost and still is, maybe, or perhaps might be again?
  • 4. Which DC comics superhero singlehandedly causes fetish stores to sell out of fishnets the night before Comicon?
  • 5. Name a country in the Americas, but lying east of the line of demarcation.

Stay tuned for the answer, or visit Starbase 66 in the days to come.

* “All of them” is not an acceptable answer, nerd.



  1. None of them! All of them were just the right amount of time for their own legends to brew! Especially , but not exclusive to, that cowboys in space one πŸ™‚

  2. 2) Marc Singer πŸ˜‰

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