Today’s Boron

April 15, 2010

Sorry, I’m a bit stuffed up.

Actually, I’m always stuffed up. I suffer from a combination of chronic bronchitis, sarcoidosis, a deviated septum (from three broken noses) and severe allergies. So I take a lot of medicine on a daily, or even hourly, basis, which is how I make dumb writing mistakes. One nose, broken three times. If I had three noses, I’d be in the circus, not here writing free stuff for you to read.

I don’t know how I lasted so many years as a smoker. But then again, I was never that good at it. I kept getting it in my eye while I tried to look cool, and then I’d be crying and coughing and my clothes smelled like crap, too.

Don’t smoke, folks. You’re never as cool as you think you look. Just like a certain Canadian podcaster/blogger is never as funny as he thinks he is.


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