Attention Zookeepers:

April 2, 2010

You have a nice facility. I was particularly intrigued by the orangutans, who reminded me a lot of some of my former in-laws. No, not those ones. The other ones. And I thank you for the opportunity to spend $14 on a hot dog and a Gatorade.

I do have one request, though. When you have hundreds of people (hot, worked-up kids included) lining up in really, really out-of-season heat, and this particular ticket booth doesn’t accept cash, you might want to put up signs to that effect, I don’t know, near the beginning of the line. Or halfway down. Or all over the place. Because the one little sign right there at the cash window does me no fucking good after standing in line for 90 minutes.

On a positive note, there was some random wildlife slaughter. I thought it was interesting watching the goose fly into the Arctic wolf enclosure. When the wolf ate him, the goose looked really, really surprised. That more than made up for the other stuff.



P.S. Geese are pretty stupid, but you won’t find them lining up for 90 minutes to look at geese.


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