Worst Music Video Ever of the Week: Les Copains d’abord

March 31, 2010

Leave it to Kumar, who brought this to my attention. My young comrade-in-arms lives in Hong Kong, which means, of course, that he’s listening to French pop from the 60s for some reason. I can’t explain it, and I refuse to try.

He tweeted this link tonight, calling it a terrible video, and I have to agree. But I give full and total thumbs up to Georges Brassens for even making a music video so long ago; the medium didn’t really exist until the late 70s, and this sort of filmed music clip is always fun to find. It isn’t that bad. It isn’t that great.

If you don’t speak French, the title is The First Mate. The rest of the song is a good example of what Brassens did; he was more poet than musician, a sort of French Jonathan Richman. I haven’t heard him in years, but this made me want to seek out some of his understated, simple music.

Pretty bad video, though.

Here’s the doorway to Kumar’s world.


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