The Lost Boys Found

March 20, 2010

A few years back, someone told me he had seen Corey Haim hanging around a bar in Toronto, in rough shape, broke and clingy. I laughed, but now I realize it was probably true. In his last years, Haim had a rough go, another example of what the fame engine and the drug dragon can do to someone who isn’t ready. We’ve seen it so many times before, and that’s how I reacted, initially.

This weekend, more than a week after Haim died, I realized I was actually affected by his death in a way that had crept up on me. Maybe it has to do with how much I enjoyed The Lost Boys when I was younger.

There was a time when I could quote that flick to you, start to finish. When it came out, I already looked like those guys, or tried to, and as a lover of horror, motorcycles, wild parties and dark comedy, it was an instant favourite.

I watched it again tonight, for the first time this century, probably. I have some thoughts:

  • It had never occurred to me until tonight that the character of Sam was meant to be either gay or curious, what with the neon clothes, tinted hair, duster coats … it’s the poster of Rob Lowe baring his abs on his bedroom wall that’s the dead giveaway, though.
  • This movie has a character named Michael Emerson, the same name as an actor from Lost. It must be a conspiracy.
  • The Frog Brothers (Corey Feldman and, uh, the other guy) are a riot. Until today I never noticed their passed-out hippie parents behind the counter in the comic book store. “I wonder how much we should charge them for this?”
  • The soundtrack remains a real treasure. I still have it, and it gets regular play. The music is part of the movie, particularly the beach concert scene where Michael (Jason Patric) first spots Star (Jami Gertz) as oiled-up bodybuilder Tim Capello is rocking his sax onstage. You will also notice in this scene that Sam (Haim) can’t take his eyes off Capello.
  • Keifer Sutherland, sporting the greatest mullet of all time, is the only decent actor among the vampires. The others are beyond bad; at one point, Billy Wirth tries to speak his lines but can’t because of the bizarre prosthetic teeth.
  • In his last few scenes, Bernard Hermann seems to be channelling some kind of weird take on John Lithgow. It’s enough that I know people who think Lithgow starred in this movie.
  • There is a sequel. It isn’t as bad as you’ve heard, but not as good as you hope. It stars Sutherland’s brother Angus as the vampire and a whole bunch of kids, along with a returning Corey Feldman. Feldman is the lead in the third sequel, which you will soon see in video stores.
  • Yes, Corey Feldman is the lead.


  1. You for got to mention Bill in the movie Alex Winters. I think it was before Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

  2. Would you believe I only saw this move for the first time EVER on Thursday? It was playing downtown, so I saw it on the big screen no less, with popcorn in hand. Hafta admit, I really liked it. Not at all what I expected it would be like.

    • How did you go so long without seeing it? It’s a real treat, but I suspect it would have had more impact on you 20 years ago. It requires big bad hair.

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