March 12, 2010

This is a music video starring some kind of punk band, some fake TV news reporters and a giant robot with hockey hair.

It isn’t a great song, and it isn’t a great band, but it’s a great music video. Loaded with stupid humour, with nods to Knight Rider and the Transformers, it’s a fun way to market a band that really didn’t have much else going for it, aside from some kickass onstage poses.

I saw this years ago, probably on MuchMusic when one of the kids was watching. All I really remembered was the closing line, which I thought was funny. It took a while for me to find this tonight, but here it is.

The song? I will give it a rarely used “meh.” This is a prime example of a band full of guys who dress like punks but are really channeling Motley Crue. I’ve never heard of Lit, which is an interesting name for a band; I think it would have been funny if all their songs were about James Joyce.

Anyway. As you know, we build cardboard-and-spraypaint robots in the Weather Station workshop on a regular basis. This video gives me ideas for Halloween, because I’ve been looking for a concept that included bad hair and an atomic crotch. Hey, if I build a Mulletron suit, I won’t actually have to grow a mullet. Hm. That’s no fun.


One comment

  1. Oh I like that song. I gotta download it. Thanks for reminding me of it.

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