Dream House

March 1, 2010

We found a great house today. In our price range, in the neighbourhood we like most, and right up our alley in terms of taste, design and layout. Six bedrooms! In other words, offices for both of us and plenty of space for the kids. To top it all off, it’s high on a hill, and has a great view of the southern half of the city.

Our tour was sadly interrupted by the real estate agent hosting the open house, who told us someone else had made a conditional offer. Pending approval of finances, those people will get the house.

Meanwhile, the house across the road from us is for sale. At a half-million, it’s a bit out of our price range. But it’s a sweet, sweet pad, with built-in loft beds in the bedrooms, a graded walkout and a 1,000-square-foot sunroom, again with a view out over the city. “Easily entertain up to a hundred guests,” the listing reads. In the off-chance I somehow manage to buy this house, you’re invited over for hot dogs and Wii.

We’d like to stay where we are, but the kids are growing, and we’re low on space. My kids are gigantic, a genetic gift from both sides of their parentage. My oldest son is 11, and stands 5-2 and looks 14. My daughter is 8, and has to shop in the women’s section. Little Tarzan ain’t so little anymore. And their tastes are changing; the toys are being left behind as they ask for stereos, flat-screen TVs, laptops and, for some reason, a hot tub.

Short of converting the awesomeness that is my 70s-era rec room into a couple of larger bedrooms, we’re out of options. Unless I buy an old school bus for a grand or so — a lot easier than you might think, actually — and start sleeping out in the field, we have to find a larger home.

I do like househunting, though. Going to open houses was a bit weird at first; I’m a private person, and the idea of strangers prowling my home makes me hurlish. But I have to remind myself that these people want this, which makes it easier. Whoever lives in the house we visited today actually seemed very, very cool; First Nations art in the living room and Chagall prints in the bedrooms, gorgeous blue B.C Rich acoustic on a stand in the living room, old-school candy iMacs in the bedrooms and a 24-incher in the den, and the kind of books I pretend to have read.

Anyway, I bought a ticket for the $50 million lottery on Friday. Didn’t win. But it got me thinking about the idea of a “dream house,” and we got talking about it, and I narrowed it down to this:

  • Lots of windows
  • No neighbours
  • Home movie theatre.
  • Soundproof bathroom. I have a friend who’s a loud whizzer, and I could do without that.
  • Huge room full of computers.
  • Two staircases. I’ve always liked homes with two flights of stairs to the upper floors.
  • On water, because I will need a sailboat. Did you know I’m a sailor? I haven’t done it in years, but I used to have a little Sunfish and I love the water, and the wind.
  • Runway. I intend to learn to fly, and I want to keep my plane close.
  • Fireman’s pole. Hey, admit it — you want one too.

Truth be told, the happiest I’ve probably been is the year I spent living in a pop-up tent trailer.



  1. Only I call it a bat pole. (I’m a bigger geek, I’m a bigger geek!) šŸ˜‰

  2. sounds like your place right now is suwper duwper sweet. If I had two nickels to rub together I’d let you know, but you know. freakin poor butt student

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