The Pen Is Mightier

February 25, 2010

I opened my mail the other day to find something spectacular: a Scott Redman pen. Hand-made in sunny Florida, hewn from exotic wood and fitted with the finest hardware, Redman pens are works of art. They’re smooth, a perfectly balanced writing tool … I can’t stop using mine. Everything feels right when I use this pen.

It made the rounds of the newsroom this week, and got a lot of attention from people who rely on pens for their livelihood. “Where did you get this?” I was asked more than once.

That’s an easy one. I got it from Scott, and it’s one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. He sent it to me — as he did to my fellow Starbase 66 hosts, and other Simply Syndicated presenters — as a big thanks. And there’s more, as I told my colleagues: you can own one of these pens, too.

And you should. I want everyone to have one of these pens. Scott deserves it, but so do you; the words just flow with one of these in your hand. Luckily, buying a Redman pen is a lot easier today.

Redman pens have been added to the Simply Syndicated store at Musical Mouse Mat. One of these will cost you less than you’d pay for a Cross or a Waterman, and you can use it knowing it was hand-made just for you. Take a peek.

Oh, I should mention that I’m not just a Redman pen fan. I’m also a former professional fine pen salesman and distributor, specializing in Mont Blanc writing implements. While that’s a short-lived corner of my life story, I learned to love a good pen then, and I still do now.



  1. I’ll take The Penis Mightier for $500.

    • Well, you would. Stop by tomorrow for an in-depth look at an album cover.

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