A Dark Matter

February 10, 2010

Peter Straub is the finest writer alive. His books are hallucinogenic descents down hidden staircases, behind double walls, through secret doors and into the world that lives beside and below our own. His books are horror, and terror, and fear on paper.

Now comes A Dark Matter, his return to long-form epic fear after his two-book sojourn into shorter, sweeter meta-melancholia (Lost Boy, Lost Girl and In The Night Room). It’s the story of four friends who develop an interest in the occult, in the other side, and the lifelong price they pay.

If you have never read Straub, consider this a place to start, a book that avoids the cobwebs of interconnection that tie Koko, Mystery, the Throat, Lost Boy, Lost Girl, In The Night Room and so many of his short stories together. From there, move on to Mr. X and The Hellfire Club, and Shadowlands, and Floating Dragon, and Ghost Story …

You may have read some horror novels in your time. You may think horror is gore, and blood and suspense.

It isn’t.

It’s this.


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