Sarah Palin Has Retarded Politics

February 7, 2010

Before you start calling the Special Olympics to complain about lil’ ol’ me, take a moment to consider two facts:

1. I have excellent grammar and use proper English.

2. If you are outraged right now, you probably don’t. Unless, of course, you’re one of Palin’s creationist right-wing down-home supporters. In which case, go away now, please.

This video is yet another example of how out of her depth Palin is, even at an event designed around her, with pre-approved questions and coached answers. If she’s this hopeless now, how can she possibly lead effectively?

Sadly, millions of people think what she’s doing is all right, because she’s ‘just like them.’ Which she isn’t, by the way. But she does a real disservice to the nation by making them think stupidity, false humility and aw-shuckin’ is a valid alternative to intelligent discourse and an informed approach to the issues.

Writing answers on the palm of your hand doesn’t count.

Month after month, year after year, Sarah Palin continues to prove that she isn’t up to the job — any kind of job. Yet people love her, and that’s a disaster in the making. Her rise to prominence has set American politics back decades, and that will take a lot of time to repair.



  1. I agree.
    She’s an idiot, and she’s totally “out of hand”!

  2. I thought her sudden, scandal-ridden resignation from office would invalidate her on the national stage. Then I remembered that Republicans don’t care about morals so much as they care about faux religious fervor and boobs.

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