Oceanic 815 vs. Oceanic 815

February 5, 2010

Spoilers for Lost Season 6 here, folks. Don’t watch if you’re waiting to see the premiere.

Here’s a solid comparison between the way the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 happened in the original pilot, and how it was recreated when time allegedly reset itself. There are differences. Some are glaring: Jack has clearly decided to keep his 1980 accountant hairstyle, while Charlie looks like he was mugged by a gang of blind barbers. Others are subtle: One vodka botlle, not two. Shannon is gone. Seatings have changed. Desmond is on the damned plane, maybe. Frogurt delivers the acting performance of his career.

I am going to stick with my theory about this. I don’t think we’re seeing two timelines. I think we’re seeing what happens at the end of this season, when Jack successfully resets. This explains the hair, the bloody neck, etc. It works; Lost has a tradition of opening a show with a much later scene, then showing us how that happened. Remember this: “We have to go back!” was the last line of Season 3, and it took two years to get back to that point.

This is spatial storytelling, not linear.

So I think we’re not seeing a “what might have been” timeline. I think more will happen and that opening was the actual ending of the show. Except for Kate on the Run. And Jin in custody. And Charlie being alive, and in custody. And Arzt. And Boone. And … that’s enough for tonight. I’m sorry you had to see me like that.

More excellent comparison can be f0und here.


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