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Absolute Justice

February 1, 2010

Well, this looks nothing short of super. Super cheese, that is. Could Dr. Fate look any more low-budget? But that’s okay. This is the first real on-screen appearance of some of the greatest heroes of all time … wait, no, the greatest heroes of all time. They’re the originals, the first, the 1940s mystery men who paved the way for everyone who came later. They’re the Justice Society of America, and they were the coolest.

Specifically: Hawkman. Here’s one of the greats, a character who sadly never found his place in later decades as writers kept screwing with him. At his core, he was perfect: a reincarnated Egyptian pharoah with wings and two mitts full of ancient skull-crushing weapons. Let’s hope this incarnation stays true to that. Hey, that’s the guy from Stargate, the one who does the James Spader impression.

Who else do we see here … okay, that’s Stargirl, a character I know little about. The portrait on the wall is a nice touch; it acknowledges that characters like Flash and Mr. Terrific and Hourman exist in the Smallville universe. And we see Martian Manhunter and Green Arrow and the other characters Smallville has added over the years.

My only problem with all this? It’s stupid Smallville. That show annoys me. I can’t say exactly why; it just has a tone to it that has always grated on my traditionalist comic-loving sensibilities. The way I see it, there’s no pouting in Superman.

But I will watch this “movie,” because I love the JSA. I’ll probably be disappointed. But I have to see what happens with that old-school Green Lantern ring … and see who’s wearing it.


Dating the Dead Sea Scrolls

February 1, 2010

Hmm, I see here on my trusty newswire feed that scientists have developed a way to successfully date the Dead Sea Scrolls. Fascinating.

  • History lesson: The Dead Sea Scrolls are a pile of parchments found in a cave in the desert and used to start campfires for goatherds until someone said “Whoah, maybe these are worth something,” and now they’re in museums. They consist of documents dating back to the dawn of Christianity, including some early Gospels. There’s also a grocery list attributed to someone named Liebowitz (“plums, figs, sandal wax …”).

While I find early Christian history as fascinating as the next guy, I’m more intrigued by these scientists and how they want to date the Dead Sea Scrolls. These guys must be pretty hard up. I just hope they don’t make a sex tape … I have enough trouble avoiding those Japanese-nerds-with-robot-girls pictures that make the email rounds.

Besides, that parchment is probably pretty fragile.