Podcasting from the Island 2010

January 27, 2010

As we head into the final season of Lost, I’ve been listening to a lot of Lost podcasts. See, it works out; my work over the past few weeks has involved a crazy amount of road travel, so I’ve been loading up the iPod, plugging in the awesome cassette-deck adapter, and filling the rusting minivan with theories, jokes, recaps and predictions about the popular series. Lost launches its sixth and final season next week, and I want to be ready.

If you don’t listen to podcasts, Lost is a good introduction. It will make you feel like you’re talking about the show with your friends over coffee, or at a bar, or at work the next morning. There are a lot of them; I’m going to mention a few. You can find more by searching the iTunes store or Googling or Binging. Wow, “Binging” doesn’t work as a verb. I guess they didn’t think that out.

  • The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack … the granddaddy of them all has slipped a bit over the past couple of years, becoming less about Lost and more about Jay and Jack. If they didn’t pack their shows with so many call-in comments, there’d be scarily little content. Still, it’s fun, it’s connected, and it’s the show that paved the way. SITE
  • The Transmission … this remains one of my favourites; it’s the original Lost podcast, and offers recaps, feedback, excellent and informed commentary and eyes-on Hawaii-based coverage. There are spoilers, but they partition them well. SITE
  • ReThinking Lost … my current favourite Lost show is hosted by my old cronies Scott and Elton, whom I like to think sound like they look like Jack and Charlie, because I don’t get enough sleep. This show isn’t about recapping the show than it is about the fandom; they like to look back at what we thought then, and explore it based on what we know now. SITE
  • The Lost Revisited Now … You need a long road trip for this one; some episodes clock in at three hours or more. And it’s one of those grainy live shows, but that’s okay; solid chemistry, excellent finger-snap trivia knowledge and a deep connection with other Lost podcasts make this a great listen when you want to really dig into the last five years of Lost. SITE
  • Dharma Dummies … This might be the best-edited Lost podcast on the Net. Careful use of soundbites and wise insight make it a lot of fun .. and despite the name of the show, these guys is smart. SITE

Like I said: there are a lot more. One of my favourites, LostChatter, has been on an extended break; I hope it’s back for season 6. And I always get a chuckle from Donald is Lost. You can also subscribe, via iTunes, to one sweeping Lostcasts feed that brings you a freighter load of shows in one feed.


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