I Am Lost … And Found

January 27, 2010

I am Jack.

  • I’ve always thought it’s my mission to help everyone, to lead, to be right, and I cannot adapt to failure.

I am Sayid.

  • No matter how many times I try to reinvent myself, I am drawn always to what I am, and what I know.

I am Ben.

  • I always have a plan, even if it changes by the minute.

I am Jin.

  • My pride has hindered my personal growth, and by the time I realized this, it was too late.

I am Hurley.

  • You’re laughing on my outside.

I am Michael.

  • I always wonder if I fought hard enough for the things I lost, and whether it was in me to do so.

I am Walt.

  • When I finally learned the truth about my father, a myth was ruined, but I became stronger.

I am Sawyer.

  • I know what to say and when to say it, and while I like to think I’m in it for myself, I always end up doing the right thing, even if I lose the battle.

I am Daniel.

  • My life will be spent making up for one mistake.

I am John.

  • I was meant for greater things, but there’s still time, as long as I have faith.

I am Desmond.

  • Love is the only constant.

I am Charlie.

  • In the end, I hope I can list my greatest hits.


  1. Strangely,

    I too am Jack (I have a bad haircut),
    I too am Sayid (I can do math in my head),
    I too am Ben (I’m going to tell a lie later in this comment),
    I too am Jin (I can’t speak French),
    I too am Hurley (I like ranch dressing),
    I too am Michael (I know someone named Walt),
    I too am Walt (I shot up about 18 inches in the span of 3 years),
    I too am Sawyer (I wrote myself a letter when I was a kid),
    I too am Daniel (I was in love with a girl and my mother didn’t approve),
    I too am John (I once worked as a home inspector [see Ben]),
    I too am Desmond (I sit at a computer and push buttons most of the time),
    and I too am Charlie (I’ve got a cool ring).

    I am LOST… and found. Now I’m going to go ReThink myself.

    1 Week until LOST… very exciting.

  2. OK, I’ve never seen the show. I don’t know a lot about it so I’m left to picture something like Melrose Place visits Gilligan’s Island. But since it’s coming on a final season, maybe I wouldn’t mind watching. In one of your downtimes, maybe you could give your readers a few hundred words of background so we’re not ‘Lost’ trying to catch up on the final episodes. Or at least tell us where to find something like that on the interweb.

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