MJD’s Big Break

January 14, 2010

Michael J. Dowswell is a filmmaker and animator who lives in a tiny village, in a house made of thatch. I think. I’m not really sure, because the man is an enigma, a brilliant machine who has chosen to do things his way for years. One time, he told me his computer was made of haggis.

Anyway … He has submitted his latest work to some kind of American Idol project in New Zealand (New Zealand Animation Idol?), and it’s a wicked good look at what this guy can do. He’s brilliant and magic and I like his sand dunes.

I will never see Your Big Break, because I live in Canada, which is the New Zealand of North America, and sadly, there’s no way to watch TV shows from other countries, honest, really. If it’s even a TV show. I can’t tell, and nobody’s saying so on the website. It might just be a podcast or something. But I can guarantee you that MJD’s entry is better than the rest. So go, sign up, and vote.

Some other MJDness.


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