Worst Music Video Ever Of The Week: Chuggo

January 1, 2010

Your favourite crappy videos are back for a new year, folks, and we’re kicking it off tonight with this gem from a person called Chuggo. He probably tells people he’s a rapper. After seeing this, you will know better.

“I’m on my way to court in a suit and a tie!”

I like to think Chuggo works at Costco, and spends his time driving one of those mini-forklifts. While he’s doing that, he dreams up ideas for videos. “I needs me some chroma-key and some asses, yo. And one a dem giant floating iron skulls! Shiz.”

But in real life, Chuggo is a Canadian named Gary who is well aware of how ridiculous he is, and has taken advantage of that by turning his viral video loose on the universe and waiting for unsuspecting music writers to find it and tell other people …

Oh, wait.


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