I’m On A Mac

December 28, 2009

It looks like I’ve found a deal on a MacBook, so I may be portable again in the next few days. My new job makes that kind of portability essential, especially when it comes to the MacBook’s audio/video capabilities.

My plan was to buy a Windows netbook. My mothers have a Dell Mini 10, and I like it, so I went shopping and discovered an HP netbook that I really liked. But I know myself, and I worry that the netbook would not do enough, and I’d be back shopping for a proper laptop in a few months. So I’m now leaning toward the MacBook. But then I see netbooks for $200, and I have to think “Kind of handy.”

I should come to a decision in the next few days. In the meantime, there’s this:

More from the Pantsless Knights here.

  • Note: My legendary indestructible Compaq Evo is still going strong, but it’s having trouble with our new wireless network and no longer likes connecting to the Internet. I love that machine — it was my only computer for years — and without its drive dock it’s the size of a netbook, but it’s closing in on a decade old. I think I’ll give it to my son to use with his new digital camera.

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