Obama’s War On Charlie Brown

December 4, 2009

Reports out of Tennessee indicate that U.S. President Barack Obama deliberately blocked many Americans from watching A Charlie Brown Christmas this week by interrupting their broadcast with some nonsense about the war in Afghanistan.

This comes from Russell Wiseman, the mayor of Arlington, Tennessee, who made the claim on Facebook yesterday. He told his Facebook friends that Obama chose the time and date of his announcement specifically to stop him, and others like him, from watching the popular Christmas special.

Why? Wiseman doesn’t say … but he does hint. Obama, he points out, is a Muslim, and anyone who supports him should move to a Muslim country.

Wiseman’s downplaying the whole thing today, but really, I have to ask: Why say it in the first place? You’re a public figure, man. You must know how stupid you sound when you say things like that. Sadly, he probably doesn’t. Too many people believe these stories about Obama being non-American, or a Muslim, or a communist, or just plain evil.

Even Sarah Palin has weighed in, saying she thinks the so-called “birthers” may have a point, and the issue of Obama’s allegedly false birth certificate — a stupid scam that was proven a hoax before the ink on it was dry — should become an election issue next time around.

These people say these things because there’s an audience for their nonsense. There are many, many Americans willing to believe that their president is a foreign-born communist Muslim who doesn’t want them to be exposed to Snoopy’s proselytizing. You probably remember all the preaching in that show, right? There was a bit, of course, but hey, it’s a Christmas show …

When people like Russell Wiseman sound off with this kind of idiocy, they do it because they know people will listen, and talk about it on the front porch between spits of tabacky. But while it stokes the fires of moronity in certain circles, in the end, it only proves why Obama was elected in the first place: as a smarter, more informed alternative.

UPDATE: I’ve just learned Obama is planning a major announcement on Iraq on the same night Frosty The Snowman airs. Afterward, Frosty is scheduled to appear on Glenn Beck’s show to discuss the matter.

UPDATE 2: Palin hints at Frosty as running mate in 2012. More after this commercial break.


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