Zombie Chris Pine In Sex Tape With Vampire Lady Ga-Ga

November 24, 2009

Are you reading this? Wow, it still works.

Maybe I should start selling ad space here based on my ability to attract many, many readers to empty content with just a few key (and salacious, and also imaginary) words. That would free me up to finish my series exploring the ethics of transferring prisoners to governments we know will torture them for information. Writing that would take me weeks, and six people would read it. This took three minutes to write. You can probably tell.

I blame the Internet.


  1. It’s entirely your fault. Stop pushing my really large Lady Gaga button.

  2. I don’t care if Lady Gaga is a dude, I’d still do her. 😉

  3. Zombie Pine, not so much.

  4. i do not think you is a boy i think you is a gurl

    • It’s only the second day of 2010 and we have our 2010 Comment Of The Year!

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