Happy Birthday

November 3, 2009

Today was Elizabeth’s birthday, and I spent most of the day scrambling around trying to juggle a couple of projects with spoiling her rotten. So here are some things that happened:

  1. I got her a Shuffle, which is the cutest little thing. It’s for the gym. She laughed and said her last music player was a cassette Walkman that hung on a strap. I hooked Lil’ Shuffle up, put some songs on it, and she casually mentioned that sometimes she listens to Starbase 66, which made me very happy.
  2. I also bought her a dozen roses, which I arranged beautifully as a centrepiece for the great dinner I was making. A few minutes before she got home, the doorbell rang; her father had sent her a dozen roses. Bigger and better than mine. I felt a little diminished but she said “You can never have too many red roses,” and she was right.
  3. It hailed while I was out buying flowers, which meant the florist told me “You might want to wait before you take these home.”
  4. While I was waiting, I saw a guy I used to work with. He was wearing an orange jacket.
  5. Pizza Pops were on for $2 a pack, but they were sold out of the kind I like, so I didn’t buy any.
  6. When I got home, I finished a piece that was due, made several phone calls to people I didn’t necessarily want to talk to, and I answered thousands of emails from fans.
  7. The dinner was to be chicken curry, but I misread the recipe and it became atomic super-nuclear solar chicken curry inferno, with extra heat. She was very polite about it. I like recipes that say “Open the box, press “3 minutes” on the microwave.”
  8. I started wishing I had Pizza Pops in the freezer. This is the kind of emergency they’re meant for.
  9. I did buy a cake, and it was a hit. It was a good cake. I put just six candles on it, because I know what I’m doing when it comes to chicks.
  10. We went to rent a movie, and it was her choice. She was holding Twilight for a while, but ended up choosing Stone of Destiny, which you should all watch.
  11. After we got back from Blockbuster, she said she wanted to tidy up for a moment, and she spent an hour cleaning. This included vacuuming. I said “You shouldn’t have to clean on your birthday,” and she said “It makes me happy.” Hey, she can bake, too, folks. While she was doing that, I set the VCR to record the V pilot. I never stop being a geek, even on birthdays.
  12. The hamster came out and wished her a happy birthday, and then ate cake crumbs.
  13. We watched the flick, then talked about Scottish history for about an hour. Somehow it got into a conversation about The Da Vinci Code.
  14. She went to bed. I watched V. It was pretty good.
  15. The kids are back this weekend, and she’ll have a gala party with them. It will feel more like a bash than my horrible meal and non-stop references to V.
  16. I just went upstairs for a sec and she had The Da Vinci Code on the bedside table.

Most importantly, she had a great day at work, she came home looking fantastic, and we had a great night, despite the fact that the dinner I cooked burned through the plates before we could finish eating. I like stretching her birthday out over a few days, too, because she deserves it.



  1. awww…

    very nice, and done right.

    It’s wonderful that you enjoyed giving her a good day.

    It sounds like everything you both deserve.

  2. A special birthday indeed man. But you didn’t mention the part where you go into the garage and starting eating the guy you caught. Or are you waiting for the kid? Either way nice.

  3. Favorite part:
    “After we got back from Blockbuster, she said she wanted to tidy up for a moment, and she spent an hour cleaning. This included vacuuming. I said ‘You shouldn’t have to clean on your birthday,’ and she said ‘It makes me happy.’ ”

    I already knew Elizabeth was awesome, but this makes her even more awesome 🙂 Please wish your beloved a very happy birthday from another person who finds happiness in a little casual evening cleaning 🙂

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