Steam Cleaning

October 28, 2009

There’s something very satisfying about using a steam cleaner on a carpet that hasn’t been cleaned in a while. Our steam cleaner, a Hoover, sprays hot water and cleanser into the rug, scrubs it with rotary brushes, pumps steam into it, then sucks it all back up and into a clear plastic reservoir.

Dumping the reservoir is my favourite part. I was cleaning someone’s rugs yesterday and dumped out a couple of litres of black, sludgy water. It was pretty nasty, but at the same time, really rewarding. On the one hand, you know the rug is now clean. On the other, you have to live with the fact that all that crap was there the whole time.

If that makes you feel uncomfortable, do not, under any circumstances, click on this link.


One comment

  1. Have you compared your hover to a rented “rug doctor” type machine.

    I’d like to do a comparison review on my site on some of the different models.

    Mr.Steam Cleaner

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