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Black October 21: The Ring 2

October 21, 2009


Really, people. Why? Why try to follow a fine film with a sequel that not only disappoints the viewer, but taints the original? Is your last name Wachowski?

When The Ring 2 came out, I didn’t expect much. I read the reviews. I already had my doubts, and the reviews backed those doubts up. The Ring ended exactly the way it should have ended. It didn’t need a followup.

I didn’t see The Ring 2. in the theatre. I waited until it came out on DVD, and then, maybe a year later, I picked it up cheap. Basically, I wasn’t in a rush to see it.

I watched it the other day, for the second time. And I can barely remember it. The Ring 2 (and I am talking about the American films here, folks) is a failure. It fails to scare, it fails to entertain, it fails to captivate. The brooding dread of its predecessor is replaced by bad writing, clumsy direction and a blatant attempt to replicate the first film.

The original Japanese versions of the films, and the books, and the whole Ringu subculture, rely on the concept of a series of stories. The American remake distilled that concept down to a single, perfect horror film. Following it up with this crap sequel was nothing more than cashgrabbery, and might serve to turn potential fans off.

Skip this one.

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