Black October 18: Silent Hill

October 18, 2009

I was going to write about the movie Freaks tonight, but hey, The Devil and Miss Mindy beat me to it. So I’ll hold off on that one, despite it being a favourite of mine. Left without a topic, I headed to the shelf and grabbed Silent Hill.

As I write a post a day about my horror movie collection, I have to remind myself that sometimes I will have to watch something I don’t want to see again.

My first reaction was this: Why do I own this movie? I saw it on the big screen. In fact, we saw it at the drive-in (we still have two working drive-ins here). It was on a double bill with Lucky Number Slevin, of all things. Which I also have on DVD. We went not because of the movies, but because we wanted to go to the drive-in, and we didn’t know what was playing until we got there. They had pretty good hot dogs.

Anyway, all I knew about Silent Hill was it was a horror movie based on a video game, and that it starred Radha Mitchell, who I liked in Pitch Black. So I was game. And I was surprised, actually, that it was a pretty decent little thrill ride. No great shakes of a movie, but a fast, kind of stupid, romp through the world of shadows. Also, parts of it were filmed in a newspaper office I was in once, so I had a moment of “hey, I was there.”

The plot? Is there a plot? Oh yeah: Radha plays a mom whose kid vanishes, so she goes to a weird misty town to find her. The town is full of weird creatury people or something. Meanwhile, her husband, played by Sean Bean, is looking for her in the same town, but it’s some kind of parallel world thing, so they can’t see each other, and … look, there are tons of jumpscares and some really, really well-done effects. It will make you go “EEEEE” a few times. It won’t stick with you, as I learned today. I’m glad I saw it the first time. I feel stupid watching it again.


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