Black October 15: Inferno

October 15, 2009

Inferno is the second part of Dario Argento’s Three Mothers trilogy (Suspiria was the first, and there’s a new one I haven’t seen). Released in 1980, it suffers from a blatant attempt at Americanization (it’s set in what is supposed to be New York), but succeeds nonetheless thanks to effective atmosphere and a couple of unique set pieces.

The first of these happens near the opening. A young woman ventures into the cellar of her apartment building, and drops her keys through a hole in the floor. Looking for it, she discovers a sub-basement filled with water, a furnished suite hidden away. She dives down to get her keys and learns, the hard way, that there are bodies in the aqua-room.

The story then cuts quickly, Argento-style, and follows her brother as he comes to New York to learn her fate. He meets the weird residents of the building and discovers its hellborn foundations, leading to an amped-up confrontation with evil.

It isn’t Suspiria, but it’s close, and it’s one of my favourites. Which is why I have it on DVD, I suppose. The problem with reviewing DVDs I already own is pretty obvious. Why else would I have them? Inferno. See it.


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