Black October 11: Dead Doll

October 11, 2009

Ever had a DVD that you dreaded putting in the player, because you know it’s going to be terrible and you’re afraid you’ll be scarred by the experience? You look at the cover and you just know most of the budget went to making the case, and not the film? This is one of those.

Dead Doll was shot what looks like some cheap eastern European studio, but was actually Los Angeles. That’s quite a feat. It stars Goran Dukic, the guy who wrote and directed Wristcutters: A Love Story, and Romi Koch, a Mena Suvari-looking girl with a more annoying voice than Joey Lauren Adams. She’s a terrible actress, but is really good at playing an inanimate object, which is what she does a lot of in this movie. Usually naked.

Here’s the trailer:

Wait, I can’t show you the trailer, as it isn’t online, because I think I own the only copy of this stupid DVD.

The plot is stupid: a sculptor with an Irish name and a Croatian accent kills his girlfriend, then dips her in liquid plastic or something and keeps her as his doll. But she might not really be dead, or she’s a ghost, or something like that. I couldn’t follow it. After a while, I noticed some of my other DVDs were out of alphabetical order, so I took care of that while the movie played. There was one weird part that was all speeded up like Benny Hill and a lot of stupid stuff they teach you to never do in your first year of film school.

I usually encourage people to buy DVDs from the deep discount bin. It doesn’t matter how bad a movie is; if it’s two bucks, you’re not really taking much of a chance. I got Dead Doll for free. It was still a ripoff.

  • I’m watching one of my horror DVDs each day throughout October, and revisiting them with quick reviews. To review, click on Black October under Hot Topics to your right.

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