Black October 5: Child’s Play

October 5, 2009

While I own a copy of this, I haven’t watched it in years, perhaps since it came out. I used to have Bride of Chucky on DVD, and watched that a few times for its sheer ludicrousity, and also to indulge my Tilly fetish. But the original, which was a real buzz film in its day, has pretty much faded from my mental film vault.

So I’m sitting down to watch it again. I’m going to cheat a bit; killer doll Chucky will do his thing on a small screen while I paint the kitchen. This will mean I am not giving the movie the attention it deserves, and may miss out on nuance of plot and those little cinematographic tweaks that are the difference between good cinema and schlock horror. Wait, I forgot I was talking about Child’s Play, the story of a doll possessed by a serial killer.

  • Note: About an hour into the movie, I paused it while I waited for a coat of paint to dry. I thought there was a good joke there but there wasn’t, so I just went and read the paper.

Child’s Play is better than I expected. I had forgotten how funny Brad Dourif is, and I had forgotten about the giant-sized “Good Guy” the kid watches on TV; that’s one creepy creature. The kid is kind of creepy, too; it’s the kind of bad child-actor performance that takes me out of movies. Let me check this … okay, the actor who plays him is on IMDB, and it appears he’s been in more “Where Are They Now” shows than actual movies.

Yeah, I’m going to have to amend that last paragraph. It gets off to a good start, but the more this movie plays, the more I think the doll is the best actor in it.

Does it offer thrills, chills and bloodspills? Sure, but in that 80s cheese way. I get the impression the producers knew kids would see this film, so they toned a lot of it down, but then went back after initial testing and added a few more gory bits. The whole thing is disjointed and clumsily made, which is no surprise.

The only reason to watch this again is for nostalgic purposes, or if you’re a diehard Chucky fan. Or if you always kind of thought Dinah Manoff was the cuter sister. Which I kind of did. So there’s that.


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