Simply Syndicated Grows Again

October 1, 2009

Regular visitors to this spot know how big a deal Simply Syndicated is to me. The British podcasting network has kept me entertained, amused and informed for years, and when Starbase 66 joined the network earlier this year I was like a little kid the morning of his birthday. It has been very cool to have been a part of this diverse, vibrant community for so long. I made some fantastic imaginary friends, and came out of a pretty thick shell. It has made me a better person, I’d say.

Case in point: I no longer hate the English.

When you think about it, I have every reason to. I’m Irish, Scottish, African and North American Indian. Not one of those branches of my family ever got a fair shake from the English. And as everyone knows, Irish Scottish African Indians can carry a grudge a long, long time.

But through Simply Syndicated, I came to realize that the crimes of their ancestors are no reason to distrust or dislike today’s English, many of whom are cool and geeky like me, and some of whom can cook really good food, despite what you may have heard.

Anyway, Simply Syndicated added three new programs this week. Two of them are, like Starbase 66, existing shows joining the network. These are shows I have enjoyed for a long time (and cross-pollinated with in our loose federation), so this is welcome news that has been a long time coming. They are:

  • Here Goes Nothing: A British show about nothing, but not in the ironic Seinfeld sense. It’s actually about nothing. Boz and Dave kept things humming for the better part of a year until our old pal Casey joined the fun, and now it’s better than ever. It’s a talk show about whatever’s up that week, with beer reviews and occasional ninja battles.
  • Nerd Hurdles: This Canadian show is a favourite of mine. Jakob and Mandi explore the “geek factor” that may hold us back from enjoying certain things, like superheroes, robots, Twilight or Star Trek. It’s always a fun, goofy yet extremely intelligent and observant romp with two hosts who share a rare and special dynamic. Listen for the creepy manservant …

These new shows will be joined by something we’ve been hearing about for a while. Simply Syndicated guru Richard Smith is finally launching his tech show; Tech Support Rich is on its way. Gee, I didn’t know he likes to talk about gadgets and computers and stuff

Also new is Simply Read, an online magazine that will feature articles for and by the listeners and show producers. I plan to launch a new weekly column called Naughty Trek Limericks. You know you love it.

  • Simply Syndicated has a thriving fan base, with busy forums, a chat room, live shows, T-shirts, you name it. Pay it a visit. Links to the other things I’ve talked about are lower on this page.

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