Stargate 2: The Return of Kurt Russell

September 29, 2009

I like Kurt Russell. I think he’s a cool guy, a decent actor, and I suspect he has a lot of fun at work. Whenever I see a Kurt Russell movie, I get the sense that he’s just loving what he’s doing. Remember Captain Ron? Or Tango and Cash? Or Escape from New York? Wait: Big Trouble in Little China. Watch it again, and watch his face. He loves this. He loves doing what he does.

The only movie that made me think he wasn’t happy was Stargate. He was Col. O’Neill in the original film, playing a much darker version of the character than Richard Dean MacGyver Anderson would later play on the TV series Stargate SG-1. Russell’s O’Neill was a tragedy in fatigues, a man who had suffered a terrible crisis that caused him to leave the military and let his hair grow. Anderson’s O’Neill was a comedian in space. The fact that I didn’t get the sense that Russell was happy is testament to his acting.

Well, I guess he misses that chance to act dark and disturbed; Kurt wants back into the Stargate franchise. But he doesn’t want to be involved with the new series, Stargate Universe. He wants to star in a sequel to the original film, a sequel that ignores the TV shows and picks up where the movie left off. Apparently, James Spader is also okay with the idea. This opens a really cool door: a big, dark, grim Stargate 2 movie.

The movie has been greenlit based on the Russell/Spader interest alone. So it will probably be made, especially in this Hollywood climate of Remakes and Sequels Only. If it happens, though, I have five requests:

  1. Let real time flow. Let this movie take place 15 years after the original, so we can see how the movie versions of the characters progressed outside of the TV show.
  2. Give us an “it was a different reality” wink and nod so superfans don’t get all upset about the differences between the show and the movie. Abrams’ Star Trek did this quite well.
  3. Do not put Amanda Tapping in it. I liked her on the Stargate TV shows. However, she looks a lot like someone I once got my flirt on with, but then never called again, only to have her angrily corner me on it a year later.
  4. Do put William Shatner in it. He and Spader have a cool dynamic (check Boston Legal), and his presence would be a fantastic marketing nod to the whole Shatnerless Star Trek situation. I think it would be cool to have Shatner play the U.S. president.
  5. Kurt has to have that haircut again, that crew cut so crisp you could sharpen your knife on it. I often think about that crew cut, and wonder if my life had been different if I’d had one like that.

Stargate 2 is scheduled for a 2011 release. Mark your calendars, geeks.

In unrelated news, we’re running a contest on Starbase 66, The International Star Trek and Science Fiction Podcast. Here’s how it works: over three episodes, we will pepper our conversations with blatant lies. After those three shows, we’ll ask you to list the lies. The first show with lies was the latest one, No. 32. Two more to go, people. You can talk about this in the Simply Syndicated forums. In fact, you should.

The person who identifies the most will win an autographed picture of me when I was a kid. It’s a good picture; I was wearing a diaper.


  1. NNNNnnnnnnnnnooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gee, what a very mature and well thought out comment…

  2. Loved the movie, loathed the series, so I welcome this move for a big-budget sequel.

  3. If this happens it will go into the same WTF? file as the proposed non-Moore Battlestar Galactica movie, i.e. it would have been a great idea 20 years ago, but now that there have been very successful TV series spun off of each why the hell try to go back again.

  4. Don’t be fooled, folks. I’ve seen the picture he speaks of. Yes, he’s wearing a diaper, but it’s not on his ass.

    You’ve been warned.

  5. Chris P. Bacon knows this because he has a framed poster version of it on his wall.

  6. Excellent post I was not aware that this was even on the books!

  7. Cool… Stargate is a great movie.
    The Stargate 2 with the original actors have all to be a nice sequel. Make the movie.

  8. YYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Loved the movie, and I did like the series (SG-1), but I must admit, it strayed quite a bit from the movie, even fact changes occurred. I look forward to seeing how it was meant to end. I can’t wait…

  10. So, 1 and 1/2 years later….do we have any updates? Will Kurt be back and will there be a Stargate sequel? I love the idea of putting William Shatner in the movie.
    I never liked the series….

    • I would love to tell you that I know anything more about this topic … but I would be lying.

    • the aerious was awesome .i am a true fan of all stargaten 2 here that possiblythereis another film due is great news.How come u never liked the series ?????

  11. `Please try to find the status (if any) of the movie !!

  12. Is this Stargate movie release in 2011 the Kurt and Spader one?????

  13. ‘Stargate 2 is scheduled for a 2011 release. Mark your calendars, geeks’. It is now 15:32 29/07/11 and still waiting!!!!

  14. I like Kurt Russell too. I think he should have got an Oscar for his role in “Soldier”..

  15. Here we are in 2014 . . . and it never happened :-(. This needs to happen with the original actors. Movie execs must be deaf and dumb. This would make a killing! I just watched Stargate the movie again 5 minutes ago. Epic Movie! Real time sequel would be epic (Btw Not a fan of the series). Forget the series BS and pick up Stargate 2 where Stargate left off, but exactly 20 years in the future!

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