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Happy Birthday, Rob

September 24, 2009

Today is my cousin Rob’s 40th birthday. He probably won’t see this, because he lives in Winnipeg, where he is a professional opera singer. No, I don’t know how those things go together either.

When we were kids, Rob and I shared a love of comic books and science fiction. We were great friends in addition to being relatives, and had a lot of amazing adventures in the northern city of Thunder Bay in the 1970s and 80s. Back then, kids our age could roam the city unattended, and do whatever we wanted, and we did. We’ve hardly seen each other as adults, because Winnipeg is stupid far from everywhere, but he was a big part of my kidhood.

I was reminded of this tonight when I found this page in a bedtime story I was reading my daughter. This drawing made me laugh out loud; it’s Rob to a T. I think he even had those pyjamas. I put this on his Facebook page, and I can guarantee you he made that face when he saw it. Classic!

Happy Birthday, cuz.