So, We Were Chatting With Suzie Plakson …

September 16, 2009

I’m a sucker for redheads. Two of my favourite people in the world have red hair, and one of them is my mom.

We interviewed Suzie Plakson, who played four different characters on three different Star Trek series, on the latest Starbase 66. Listen to it after this, but I wanted to say something that I didn’t get to on the show.

Talking to Suzie was fun. She’s an actress, as you probably know, but she’s also a wicked cool singer and sculptor. Most of all, she’s a celebrity … and that made me nervous.

It shouldn’t have. I’ve been interviewing famous people since I was a teenager. I’ve had coffee with a prime minister. I’ve partied with rock stars. I’ve sat in William Shatner’s office chair, for Kirk’s sake. For years, I asked celebrities questions they might not have wanted to answer, questions aimed at informing readers. “Suzie, you had a great death scene, but you left us with a terrible legacy, so please tell us how it felt to give birth to a horrible Klingon child with a giant spiky head, played by that annoying kid from Family Ties?” I didn’t ask that question. But I wanted to.

I don’t know why I was nervous about doing this, but it didn’t last, because Suzie is the kind of cool I’ve known all my life, an arts professional who dances to her own drum and has never fallen into the machine. Still, I went into this (with all my weirdisms) with an Eeyore cloud over my head.

It turned out to be a non-issue. We had a blast, and Suzie Plakson is a riot of cool.

Which brings me to my point: She doesn’t like science fiction. And she told us that from the start. She likes science fiction fans, but the genre itself does nothing for her. This is all right, because it made for an excellent conversation. And this is all right, because I suspect a lot of actors pretend to be geekier than they are in order to please their fans, and Suzie doesn’t do that. She has plenty of geeky qualities, as she says on the show, but spaceships and aliens are not among them.

I love that. She is 100 percent without pretense. She never fell into the machine.

She is who she is, she’s a lot of fun, and she’s funny as hell. I like her music, too; it’s smoky and cool and not all that country. The Admiral used some of it on the show.

Listen to it here.

I sound like a dork on this episode because I was a little twitchy. This happens to me around redheads.

This is Suzie’s website. You should also IMDB her, because she’s been in a lot of things you’ve seen besides Star Trek.


One comment

  1. You sound like a dork? I think not. That would be my crown to wear for this episode, thank you! At least the Admiral didn’t have to IM you, to make sure you were still breathing… 😉

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