Patrick Swayze: Real Men Do Dance

September 14, 2009

When Dirty Dancing came out, my girlfriend dragged me to the theatre at least 10 times. When it hit VHS, she bought it — in the days when movies cost a fortune to buy — and we watched it every day. Every day. I can recite that movie to you verbatim.

By the 50th time or so, I had decided two things: I hated that movie, but Patrick Swayze was a pretty cool guy. He had looks, charm, talent and wicked dancing skills. In everything he did, from good films to cheese, he was a class act.

You had a good run, Patrick. Thanks for entertaining us.



  1. Bet I can quote it more than you šŸ˜›

    I heard about this, this morning as I was getting dressed. Had just pulled on my ‘Dirty Dancing’ hoodie, I might not be a fan of the film but I’m going to raise my cup of tea in honour.

  2. I can’t say I was a fan, although I did enjoy Red Dawn, but 57 is too young, and no one deserves to go like that. At least he is no longer suffering.

  3. I thought of you as I was writing it, Steph, and I feel your pain …

    On a side note, yours was the 1,000th comment received here at the Weather Station. You win a free copy of Dirty Dancing on VHS! Congratulations.

    Marius, you missed it by one, so you get the consolation prize: two free copies of Dirty Dancing on VHS.

  4. Can I store the tapes in the corner?

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