Dear Mr. President, From Charlie Sheen

September 11, 2009

Does a Hollywood life of hard partying, wild sex and the Hot Shots movie series qualify anyone to offer political analysis?



  1. While I don’t disagree that a full investigation of the gross negligence and incompetence that allowed the attacks to happen is warranted, I find the thought that the US government actively took part in the attacks to be patently ludicrous.

  2. If the US government had been involved in the 9/11 attacks, the planes would have missed their targets.

  3. I do not in any way buy into Sheen’s Truther idiocy. However, a person’s vocation and lifestyle are not reasons to disqualify their opinion, or to bar them from leading public discourse. To say otherwise is an affront to the spirit of the First Amendment.

  4. There are two problems with your criticism, AtariHawk. First, the First Amendment only protects an American citizen from federal harassment/prosecution for the lawful expression of ideas and opinions. It does not protect a person from criticism, or from the repercussions of what they say. Second, Weathereye is Canadian, so the First Amendment is irrelevant here.

  5. I just have trouble taking some people seriously — and when they start spreading conspiracy theories, it makes it harder to swallow their “facts.” This is why conspiracy theories are relegated to the fringe: they tend to be spread by people who have, in other ways, caused their judgment to be questioned.

  6. I understood both your points in advance, Marius, and that is why I specifically said that it’s an affront to the SPIRIT of the First Amendment. The spirit is that nobody should be silenced based on their station. Feel free not to listen to Sheen based on the lack of merit to his argument. But this form of Schadenfreude-ist anti-celebrity jingoism shouldn’t be the metric we use to determine who gets to use the bully pulpit.

  7. In the spirit of the first amendment, I believe Weatherye has the right to affront the spirit of the first amendment.

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