Worst Music Video Ever of the Week: Runaway

September 8, 2009

Here’s a strange mid-80s video from Luis Cardenas, the drummer for the band Renegade, who apparently also did some solo work. This is a cover of Del Shannon’s pop hit Runaway, done in a hair-metal way. Go ahead, let it play. Hmm. Okay, we have all the stock ingredients of a rock video from this era: big-haired singer, a set of drumsticks, some relationship angst, dark alleyways, Bon Jovi-like vocals, dinosaurs … wait, what?

This video is a real favourite of mine, despite its weird combination of every 80s video cliche, plus a dinosaur hooker. Nothing about it should work, but it all does, from Cardenas’s crazy voice to his bizarre facial expressions (making faces was a staple of metal lite videos at this time, kids) to the stop-motion dinosaurs to Del Shannon’s cameo at the end. Even the magic tiger drum kit, with its Sammy’s Super T-Shirt action, is funny.

Maybe I just have a soft spot for singing drummers. There’s something about singing drummers that just cracks me up every time, particularly in live circumstances, when the vocals just seem to be coming from nowhere.

Anyway, while you may laugh at this video — I know I do — you should know that Cardenas is a kick-ass drummer and all-around cool guy. Read more about him here. And while I never liked Renegade, they were a popular band; I think this line from the Wiki says it all: “The band was honored in August 2001 at a David Hasselhoff hosted event at the Conga Room, in Los Angeles for record sales in excess of 30 million units worldwide.”

When my life draws to a close, I hope to be able to say I was once honoured by David Hasselhoff. But I’d settle for working with dinosaurs.


One comment

  1. Wow… yet another Scott/Kennedy common interest.

    Back in the days of VCR’s and MTV playing real music, I was lucky enough to have caught this video and “Come On Eileen” both in one blind taping.

    “Come on Eileen” is a favorite song of mine (I know), but in the early days of videos, the Runaway Video was one of those things that had me telling my friends – you gotta come over and watch this video I recorded.

    I was so into it, I bought an oldies mix tape (cassette) that was for sale that the local Pathmark (this is long ago, like 1987?) becaue it contained this song. And I zipped around in my little Honda Accord hatchback “rocking out” to Runaway.

    Good times.

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