Parenting Is A Skill

September 8, 2009

I like joking around with my kids, and I love to tease them. They’re getting older now, but for a while, my daughter thought I could fly, but only at night, when she was asleep. And my youngest son is just now figuring out that we’re not actually from outer space.

This old joke is also wearing thin:

  • “Daddy, what’s for dinner?”
  • “Mushroom soup and salad.”
  • “Daddeeeeeeeee …”

The odd prank is fun, too, like short-sheeting a bed, or the time I covered tennis balls in icing and served them for dessert. See, I had real cupcakes waiting once the initial confusion turned to laughter. That was funny.

This is not funny:

In case you can’t tell, that’s the box for an XBox, and this kid is really excited. At first, he’s incredulous, and you can tell this is a kid who is not used to good things happening to him. The riotous laughter accompanying his crushed slump says it all about things in this house.

I hope someone figures out who he is and sets up a Buy The Sad Kid An XBox campaign. Then again, his parents would probably spend it on socks or something.


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