10 Ways Google Got You Here

September 8, 2009

Several times a day, people land here at Weather Station 1 by typing “topless weather” into Google. I don’t know why that phrase points here, but I’ll take it. I suspect my site has a rare combination of topless and, of course, the name Weather Station 1.

WordPress offers some very solid stats and tracking information, so I am able to see, daily, how people arrived here. Aside from “topless weather,” here are some other leading search phrases.

  • … buff carrot top
  • … megan fox naked
  • … shirley jones naked
  • … megan fox looks stupid
  • … worst rap video ever white guys
  • … fur shorts
  • … hayden bloom northeastern
  • … muscle bound teens
  • … pictures of wife naked
  • … nacket wife pictures
  • … weiners
  • … i think i saw a man wearing a bra
  • … how to dispose of a dead skunk
  • … does walmart carry KY intense

The fact that these things were search subject says a lot about you, but the fact that they led here says even more about me.


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